Aputsiaq Brandt (26): “I would like to have more male friends.”

I meet Aputsiaq on a sunny, but very cold afternoon. He seems to look forward to take a walk with his old friend Muku (meaning “small”), his 11-year-old dog. Although he doesn’t look much “different”, he was teased untill full age. “I never had many friends”, he says, “I am not very social.” A bit later, as he had his coming-out, his parents were already divorced, but none of them was neither surprised nor shocked. “Then the real friends came up – they don’t bother if I am gay or not.”

While having a cup of hot tea, Aputsiaq tells me that his father was a wife-beater, but became religious some years ago. To the question if he is tried to come to terms with his past writing the short story for a book of an artist collective, he answers a bit reserved that it is just a mix of fiction and experiences he had.

“Working as a bartender, I got to know a lot of secrets from people. And I know that there are a lot more gays in Nuuk than there came-out”, Aputsiaq says. He seems to don’t like “the gay community” that doesn’t really exist in Greenland. But that point could also be the reason for his dislike. Aputsiaq Brandt hopes a “sweet prince to come to Nuuk” someday, until then he has is happy to live together with his mother and sister.


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